What are the important topics in current affairs for SSC CGL exam?

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The current affairs or general awareness section is a significant section in SSC CGL examinations. If you check the past question papers, you will find that General Awareness section was one of the most significant parts out of the other three sections. Recent analysis also depicts that those who were well-prepared in various trending current affairs topics easily cracked the examination. A lot of problems are faced by students when it comes to updated questions on current affairs. Moreover, the trending current affairs topics are not easily found in mock tests and other preparation modules. This is the reason that as an SSC CGL aspirant, you should always be ready to answer current affairs questions. Furthermore, in order to keep a tab on these current affairs questions, one needs to lay emphasis on various magazines. These magazines and journals deal exclusively with current affairs topics and help a student to prepare in a better manner for the examinations.

The weight of current affairs section in an SSC CGL examination

The most common problem nowadays for students is that they lack the idea of the weight of the current affairs sections that are frequently asked in SSC examinations. However, if you have a basic idea of the weight of questions that are to be asked in SSC CGL examinations, you have the liberty to manage your time accordingly.

What are the important topics to prepare for current affairs in SSC CGL examinations?

The problem arises when the students are unaware of the amount of current affairs topics that one should prepare for in an SSC CGL examination. Moreover, they are also unsure about the right place from where they can obtain the right type of current affairs topics. SSC usually asks six months current issues before the onset of the examination. However, it is not a rule but only a mere observation.

The important topics for current affairs in SSC CGL Examinations

Here is the list of important issues for current cases that are commonly asked in SSC CGL examinations. They are as follows:

World Heritage Sites: A lot of questions are being asked about architectural beauties. Moreover, the world heritage sites are also frequently being asked in SSC CGL examination.

Sports Events: SSC CGL Examinations frequently ask  questions on World Cup tournaments of major sports in the world, Commonwealth Games, Formula 1 Race and national games of various countries

Latest achievements of various sportspersons: The most recent results of numerous sportsmen from the Indian arena are frequently being asked in SSC CGL Examination.

Booker Prizes: This is another important area from where a lot of current affairs questions are being framed in SSC CGL Examinations

Awards: SSC CGL Examination also includes a lot of current issues questions from the awards category. They mainly lay stress on Indian awards like the Arjuna Award, the Padmashree Award, etc.

Nobel Prizes: Apart from asking questions from the Indian point of view, a lot of issues related to Nobel Prizes are also being asked in SSC CGL examinations.