What You Can Expect from Robotel

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Have you heard about Robotel? This is a company that is considered as the leader in educational technology. So what does it do? It manufactures digital language lab software platforms that are designed for those students in K12, colleges, and universities. This is utilized by those who are studying in foreign languages may they be modern languages, world languages or any language for that matter.

But first of all, why choose a university that embodies a digital language lab? What are the known benefits?

First of all, when you say language lab, it is an app that can comprehensively assist those who are trying to learn a language aside that is not their native. One example of this is the Robotel language lab called the SmartClass+. You can check everything about this through their website as this is explained in detail. You should be able to see how their language lab differs from the others.

Benefits of digital language labs:

  1. This is the most practical tool a school should use for their students. A teacher faced with 25 students with only an hour and thirty minutes to spare every day cannot possibly inject everything he needs to inject to his students. He will surely run out of time especially that with a language course, practice is of utmost importance.
  2. When a language lab is used, pairing two students is the usual system. Each student will assist the others while his partner is practicing and vice versa. With this system, you can be assured that a healthy competition will arise thus promoting at the same time motivation to do better from both ends.
  3. The teacher will be more functional as he cannot only supervise his students while inside the school but every time the need arises no matter where they both are and no matter the time. Yes, when you incorporate a digital language lab, you can use this anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. This is made possible by their cloud hosting feature.
  4. There are more activities that a teacher can prepare for his students. He cannot only prepare them for the next day but also for a set time wherein he can easily check even when not in the classroom.

So if you are looking for a university right now, be sure to choose one that uses a digital language lab.